About Us

Welcome to Turkey's Fashion Company DOZTEX - doztex.com. We are one of the major source of wholesale and private labeling for apparel fashion products such as; trendy women's clothing, men's clothing, kids clothing and accessories. We have been providing great service and quality products to the retailers throughout the world including europe and usa since 2010.

We specialize on wholesaling and private labeling for brick and mortar stores, Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, Walmart, Groupon and others.

We provide a great selections and competitive pricing on any of products we carry. We use our volume purchasing power to achieve the best possible price for our resellers.

We utilize Just In Time (JIT) technology with our vendor and resellers to make sure that all the products are available at all the time. As a resellers, you do not need to worry about the inventory. We maintain the inventory for you.

Our company goal is to bring profit and success to our customers. Let our team of market researchers assist you in selecting the most suitable apparel models  and accessories for your business.

Our Mission

Achieving the trendy apparel models needed by the ready-made fashion industry, engaging in production in a manner conducive to growth of the group, contributing to regional employment and national economy and becoming a company the nation can be proud of.

Our Vision

Becoming one of the leading and best textile companies of the world in regard of know-how, technology, management, trained human resources, innovation, commercial success, service quality and speed, and to maintain this position by complying with quality management system conditions and constantly improving activities.

Our Values

With the slogan "Respect for people first", DOZ Textile motivates its employees to embrace the green production approach in order keep production innovative while respecting the environment.