Dyeing Processes

Direct Color Dye

It's not easy to find just the right color for you clothing line, especially when you are having low minimums, you are then forced to go with solid color fabric that are industry standards, but with us its different.

You can mention pantone color of your garment to be applied to a ready fabric and we can do that for you, we have systems that enables us to do it in a cost effective way for you.

Show what you really wanted to show the world with the clothing line we can do that, you just go ahead and tell us the pantone color.

Reactive Color Dye

Reactive colors are more permanent colors, that don't gets fade away even after several washes or even by exposure of sun light, although all over products in standard industry color are dyed using reactive color, but if you mention a pantone color which is different than that of solid colors, you will get this option for making your garment even more durable.

Tie Dye

Custom tie dye designs are one of our specialties, you can send us any design, even by picture, we would love to match your fabric similar to what you are looking for, even if the quantities are low. We use reactive colors in doing that and then have the garment bio wash for a nice feel and long lasting performance with the colors.

You can send us your design from anywhere or making something of your own and make us understand what you are looking for; again prototyping is more than welcome with DOZTEX.

Dip Dye

If you want your garment to be more in more than one or two shades, we can perform dip dye on your apparel with reactive colors, make them more customized by doing after processes on them, just so they look more the way you want them to look.

Neon Dyeing

Special process of dyeing your garment with Neon process to add glow in them for special treatment of your garment, neon dyeing is a special process that uses chemicals on the garment to add neon glow in them, you can go ahead and mix things up with glow in the dark printing that we do. But you can use this tool of customization any way you like.

Sulphate Dyeing

Sulphate dyeing is something that we do to add special effects with the fabric where it appears in different color inside out , or losses its color from the outside, appears more like acidic or fading away completely , for vintage look , or any other way of customizing your garment that you can think of, you are welcome to use it for your customization of garment with DOZTEX.

Yarn dyeing

Yarn dyeing is a process of making fabrics with already color dyed yarns, this is mostly used in making garments looks more like multicolor fabric with lines or any other special dye shade continuity that you choose to get for your customized garment, it is something that requires the end product to be in a quantity of at least 1500 units, because of the machinery operated is on a certain minimum for creating the fabric.

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