DOZTEX is a rapidly emerging apparel designer manufacturer in the world. We design and market women, men and kids apparel and a range of other fashion products that are manufactured and marketed through an extensive network of arrangements. We care what you sell! We partner closely with you to provide the unique creative differentiation so crucial to success in the fiercely competitive, demanding world of fashion and apparel.

  • Friedric H. ( London, UK)

    I have searched and visited Turkey dozens of times but finding right company to get my models made was not an easy task until we met with Mr. Mehmet at doztex, thanks to those guys they took off a lot of weight on my shoulders, definetly try once... 

  • Antoni Z. ( Chicago, IL)

    To compete in fashion industry for small business like us was getting harder and harder everyday until we found DOZTEX in Turkey. Utilizing from low currency advantage our costs lowered and quality also improved compare to other countries...

  • Victor C. ( Toronto, CA)

    The thing we loved a lot about doztex and it's team that; those guys are really fast to prepare products and on time shipping is great compare to other guys we been working with before Thank You and good luck Mr. Mehmet and doztex...

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